Decorating your Daughter’s bedroom

Last summer I met Shelly from shizzle-design and she introduced me to CeCe. Caldwell chalk paints. I hadn’t done much furniture painting, and she made the process look “rather simple”. There was very little sanding or prep work that needed to be done. This sounded like my type of painting!

I chose to work on the furniture in my girls’ bedrooms. I went with a quart of the Carolina Sun and a small container of Simply White. Because you can water the paint down, I was able to get all of their furniture painted! Here are a couple pieces all finished.Girl's room


Oh, I’m just keeping it real with all of the extra accessories here! No staging is taking place today.After I finished painting the girls’ furniture. I decided I wanted to paint something for me. I had my Poppop’s stand in our dining area for years and I was ready to “change it up” a little bit.  One thing that is hard for some people, is changing something that belonged to someone special, or painting over real wood! I could relate to both scenarios. However, once I painted the stand in Cinco Bayou Moss, I loved it! It really added that something “special” to the corner of
the room!

As summer is here, and since I am a teacher, I have my “summer list” mentally forming in my mind. One of my “to do” things, is start up my blog again. Or should I say, “write”. My youngest daughter has been faithful to keep asking me if I have blogged lately. Well, since it has been so long since I blogged, and my blog is about domestic living, I wanted to show you a couple of changes that we have made to our home this past year. A spring and summer mantel, with a homemade sign that I made with my Dad over Christmas vacation.

Speaking of my Dad, here is our fall project. We tiled our backsplash. I say “we” very loosely. It was mostly my Dad, when he and my Mom visited in the fall. I’m very thankful for all the hard work that he has put into our home. We decided on a gray subway tile backsplash with a gray grout. I was back in forth between the gray, and the white. I love the added color. However, with the new tile,  we ended up wanting to paint the walls a gray color
as well. You know how it is, one thing leads to another!

Well, that is the short list of previous updates to our home. Since, we are coming up on the  10 year mark of building our home, I have a couple of minor home improvements up my sleeve for this summer.

Stay tuned!…

Small Kitchen Cabinets

Small kitchen are very popular in United States, since almost every home are propertied by the small kitchen room. But when you decide to remodel or make over the kitchen, it is not a hard task to do. You may download the applications of small kitchen designs from the websites that sincerely provide those designs. It is quite effective to make over your small kitchen with all the properties.

The features that are usually included at the small kitchen are small kitchen cabinets. It has several reasons to put the cabinets into the small kitchen. The cabinets have the main function as the storage room that able to accommodate entire kitchen set and other appliances properly. It avoids the kitchen from clutter and messy condition.

To proper your loads at the small kitchen, you will be better to choose small kitchen furniture with the equal qualities as the conventional furniture. You can purchase several of the furniture at the furniture stores with the proper size. In other words, appropriate your space at your kitchen with the furniture that you will purchase.

You can also buy small kitchen stoves to complete your kitchen equipments. There are many kinds of stoves that offer their benefits and best features. You may freely choose them with your requirement and according to your own budget. Mind that the small furniture is relatively affordable but the quality is almost equal, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Check out the best way or organising small kitchen sinks.

To change your kitchen appearance, you may put some equipment there. Cabinets and racks will be your best choice. As cabinets, racks also have the specific benefits for your small kitchen. you can separate several variants stuff that you will be loaded at those cabinets or racks.

To get the best cabinets for your small kitchen, it will be nice when you consult to your interior designer or your personal architect of what the best for your small kitchen.


Small Kitchen Sinks

For your best equipments at your small kitchen, you may need the best kitchen sinks that have the proper sizes with your kitchen space. Small kitchen sinks are the equipment that really fancy since the manufacturers create their best kitchen sinks with several models and designs. Small kitchen sink will cost you higher money because the materials for the best kitchen sink are very great and it is equal to its function.

You can add the other equipments that also important to be put, such as small kitchen cabinets, small kitchen furniture and several small kitchen equipments. You can get them easily at the market or online shopping. They are available on different prices and discount offer.

The best small kitchen design is concerning to the proper size of the spaces and also the proper placing of those equipments. You may plan the spaces well before you start to make over or renovate your own kitchen by getting the references from the internet.

You should also know how to decorate your daughter’s room.

You are about to have the best and proper kitchen sink with the ideal shape and ideal size. There are many outlets offer you their best variant of kitchen sink so you can compare those kitchen sink. There are several variants that mostly well known as the proper and common kitchen sink that will be appropriate with your small kitchen.

Single Bow

This single bow kitchen sink is intended to be the only simple sink for your daily wash. You can place them easily since the shape is simple and the size is relatively small. It doesn’t need bigger space and you can place them among the stove and the cabinets for your easy accessibility.


This type is bigger in its size because it has double cabins. The materials are usually stainless so you don’t have to worry about the stain at those sink. The compatibility is great so you can easily use it for your daily activities at your small kitchen.

Leisure Sink

It is elegant and simple. It is usually made from marble so you will get a heavier kitchen sink at your kitchen. But it also has the other benefits, instead of the dish washer it is also as the decoration for your kitchen because the shape is great and so does the material.

From those types and variants, you can choose the proper kitchen sinks according to your requirements and your budgets. The best kitchen sinks will be more expensive, but you can choose the affordable one with the standard quality.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas

When your home is not ready for something big, you must think about getting the smaller one. Small kitchen design will be appropriate for a smaller space in your home to be filled with appliances for your kitchen. Creative small kitchen design ideas will let you into a smaller space for the better kitchen with a bigger accommodation.

Kitchen is the part of your home that really important due to serve a whole dishes for your daily activities. Sometimes, your kitchen is not ready to accommodate several things that will be needed and they will end at the garage or warehouse of your home. When you have a smaller space of your home but you want to get the appropriate kitchen, you have to think about the most creative ideas to build it up into a greater minimalist kitchen.

For new home designs check out Home harmony.

You will find several creative designs and ideas of creating a small kitchen design from several sources, especially internet. Before you execute the space for your kitchen, you have to concern about these things:

Put the most important things on the kitchen and get rid of valueless things. It will cost you a bigger space for another important stuff. In other hands, you have to separate the stuff to be stored up in your kitchen. It is simply effective to add the free spaces in your kitchen.

Tidy up your kitchen and get rid of clutter thing that really disturb your sight. It will help you to know the space that you can use for the other stuff. Try to organize your kitchen effectively in very proper ways.

Use the smaller kitchen appliances to minimize your accommodation space. For a better view of your simple kitchen, you will be better suggested to put the smaller appliances in your racks or shelves.

Get the benefits of every space at your kitchen as your storage. You can use your walls, backdoors, roof and other spaces for your storage room. You can hang them out or stack in appropriate arrangements.

You will be amazed of your small kitchen design when you know how to organize the things at your kitchen. Get more ideas for a better smaller kitchen in several sources.…